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Minutes of CFSC Community Economic Development working group

Crossroads serves as the convenor of a proposed Community Economic Development committee of the Community Food Security Coalition.
We respond to broad interest from all over the nation for tools to promote local foods as community economic development.

By "community economic development," we mean development that is centered on building strong communities, not simply a concern for the bottom line.

This is often built by community-based food networks that strive to create health, wealth, connection and capacity in their locale. It may emerge out of sustainability planning, or carbon-emission reduction initiatives, or "triple bottom line" accounting. It may arise naturally as cultural groups establish a stronger sense of building economic presence.

The CFSC/CED initiative is not yet funded. Crossroads and its national partners have taken this on as a pro bono effort to build a foundation for more sustained work.

This initiative was framed at the Vancouver, BC, Community Food Security Coalition conference in 2006, held in conjunction with Food Secure Canada. Appropriately, leadership has been shared with a Canadian partner:

Other founding members were:
To read a summary of the founding meeting in Vancouver, BC (October 2006) Click here.- [PDF file]

To read participants' reviews of those notes Click here.- [PDF file]

To read minutes of the first teleconference (February 13, 2007) Click here.- [PDF file]

To read minutes of the second teleconference (April 10, 2007) Click here.- [PDF file]

To read minutes of the third teleconference (July 29, 2008) Click here.- [PDF file]

To read minutes of the fourth meeting, held at the CFSC conference (October 7, 2008) Click here.- [PDF file]

We also convened CED discussions at the Food & Society conferences in April, 2007, and April, 2008. Notes are available on those conference web sites.

For recommended CED Resources Click here.

To learn more about Crossroads' local foods work, see our Farm & Food Economy pages. We follow up our economic findings with strategic consulting to local groups on how to implement their local foods strategies in ways that build health, wealth, connection and capacity for local residents. We are especially interested in working with local foods initiatives that include local economic development officials.


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