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Publications: Farm & Food Economy

PDF Icon Finding Food in Farm Country The original study that paved the way for bringing economic analysis into local foods work, by Ken Meter and Jon Rosales (2001). See Publications: Rural Economic Studies for results from farm and food system studies around the U.S. and Canada.

PDF Icon Finding Food in Northwest Ohio (104mb) Partner: University of Toledo Urban Affairs Center, Ohio Department of Agriculture (2012).

New! PDF Icon “Food Production Nodes” Build a Web of Support Around a Food Hub by Ken Meter (2013).

PDF Icon Global Cooperation Requires New Approach by U.S. How the U.S. can build stronger global partnerships, by Ken Meter, in Community Food Security News (October, 2006)

PDF Icon Green Isle: Feeding the World and Farming for the Banker by Ken Meter (1983).

PDF Icon Hoosier Farmer? Emerging Food Systems in Indiana Ken Meter (2012).

PDF Icon Local Food Systems: Building Health & Wealth in Metro Denver. Prepared for the Metro Denver Health & Wellness Commission by Ken Meter and Angie Tagtow (2008).

PDF Icon Mapping the Minnesota Food Industry documents the Minnesota food economy (2009).

PDF Icon Money With Roots by Ken Meter (1990).

PDF Icon Ohio’s Food Systems — Farms at the Heart of It All Ken Meter (2011). Produced for the University of Toledo Urban Affairs Center, with funds from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

PDF Icon Proposals for Census of Agriculture 2012. Ken Meter (2009).

PDF Icon Small Firms and Big Markets. This comprehensive paper looks at industry clusters in Italy and shows why regional economies are important in a globalized world. By Joshua Whitford (1997).

PDF Icon The Potential for Urban Agriculture. Ken Meter (2009).

PDF Icon U.S. Poised to Become Net Food Importer (Ken Meter, 2006).

PDF Icon What Would Be in Your Ideal Farm Bill in 2007? Essential steps for the 2007 Farm Bill (Ken Meter, 2006)

PDF Icon Where Will Our Food Come From? Regarding Minneapolis/St. Paul (Ken Meter, 2006).

PDF Icon Writing Farm Policy by Ken Meter (1986).