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Publications: Systems & Sustainability


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PDF Icon Fifty-Year Vision and Indicators for a Sustainable Minneapolis . Ken Meter (2004).

PDF Icon Neighborhood Sustainability Indicators Guidebook . How to Create Neighborhood Sustainability Indicators in Your Neighborhood. Produced for the Urban Ecology Coalition (Minneapolis) by Crossroads Resource Center (1999).

PDF Icon Proposed Indicators for a Sustainable Food System . Project Manager: Gail Feenstra, UCSAREP. Principal investigators: Carolina Jaramillo, Steven McGrath, Ken Meter and Analisa Gunnell. Prepared by Katy Mamen, consultant. (2005)

PDF Icon “Linked Indicators of Sustainability Build Bridges of Trust.” Chapter by Ken Meter in Maida, Carl A., ed. Sustainability and Communities of Place, Volume 5, Studies in Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology, published by Berghahn Books (UK) (2007).


PDF Icon Developing a Vibrant and Sustainable Regional Food System: Suggestions for Community-Based Groups. Pirog, Rich, et al. A regional food planning guidebook produced by the Aldo Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Regional Food System Working Group, Iowa State University (2006).

PDF Icon Business Plan for the Hiawatha Fund A Regional Investment Fund for Southeast Minnesota: “Investments you can drive by” Lead author Ken Meter.