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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crossroads Resource Center?

CRC is a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis. Our mission is to work with, and in support of, communities who wish to build more democratic power over their own affairs.

How does Crossroads Resource Center do its work?

We primarily work in partnership with community-based organizations and their allies. For the most part, this means we respond to requests from our partners, yet we also help launch strategic initiatives that promote long-term change. Through our consulting services, we focus on building capacity among our community partners.

Who does Crossroads Resource Center work with?

We work with a variety of partners, from grassroots organizations, to academic partners, to foundations and units of government. See a partial list of partners.

What issues does Crossroads Resource Center address?

We prefer to address issues that will serve as key examples and inspiration for community-based groups all over the world. Current priorities include:

  1. Building strong local economies
  2. Fostering community-based food systems
  3. Planning for, and measurement of, sustainability
  4. Working effectively in complex, changing systems
  5. Working as allies of ethnic and cultural communities
  6. Evaluating community initiatives

What difference does Crossroads Resource Center make?

Our community partners tell us that our work has often been transformative. For a specific example, see PDF Icon How Local Economic Analysis Can Help Focus Community Engagement and how one local foods campaign used Crossroads’ analysis (2006).

When was Crossroads Resource Center founded?

CRC was incorporated in 1972.

Who serves on the Crossroads Resource Center board of directors?

Click here.

Where does Crossroads Resource Center get its funding?

Much of our income is earned by performing direct services to our clients. We also accept donations from foundations and individuals. An independent organization, we are not dependent upon any other organizations. You can learn more about our current funding sources by reading our tax return (next).

How do I make a donation to Crossroads Resource Center?

To give online, just click on this icon:

You may also mail a check to Crossroads Resource Center, P.O. Box 7423, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407. All contributions are tax deductible.

How do I obtain a copy of the IRS letter confirming CRC’s tax-exempt status?

Click PDF Icon here.

How do I obtain a copy of CRC’s recent tax returns?

Download here:

PDF IconForm 990 2011 – Federal Tax Return

PDF IconForm 990 2011 – Schedule A

PDF IconForm 990 2011 – Schedule O

What is the federal identification number of Crossroads Resource Center?

CRC’s federal tax ID is 23-7206815.

Who did that amazing new design for the CRC website?

Deb Slee of The Tringa Group.