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Services Provided by Crossroads Resource Center

Local Foods

Crossroads Resource Center can help your community fashion a food system that responds to local people and local needs—one that builds health, wealth, connection, and capacity in your community.

We offer a variety of tools for your community to use, developed over nearly four decades of close collaboration with residents of rural and urban communities:

  • We assess your local (or state) farm and food economy
  • We provide solid data
  • We provide state-of-the-art technical information
  • We link you to the best resource people
  • We consult on business strategy, especially food business clusters
  • We advise you on community investment options
  • We help you measure success
  • We help you evaluate your local foods effort
  • We develop creative responses to common challenges

Local Economic Studies

Crossroads Resource Center can do a complete analysis of your local economy; see our PDF Icon Draft Scope of Work. For complete information about our studies of local economies, see our Local Economies page.


Ken Meter is available to speak on many topics, including:

  • Finding Food in Farm Country
  • Successful Local Foods Networks
  • Local Foods as Economic Development
  • Food versus Fuel?
  • Evaluating Local Foods Initiatives
  • Working with Food Systems as Systems
  • Planning and Measuring Community Sustainability

and more! —contact Ken and we will tailor something to your needs.

PDF Icon List of past presentations by Ken Meter.